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KicksDomains is a provider of premium managed Domain Name System (DNS) services. Our company implements industry-best cloud service architecture for the highest DNS redundancy and DNS speed. Our efficient platform monitors, optimize, and controls DNS infrastructure and applications, ensuring faster, safer, and more reliable than ever traffic delivery.


We, at KicksDomains, offer cheap DNS service in Pennsylvania and are a preferred DNS hosting choice for many enterprises, especially those who monitor the price-performance ratio. No other DNS service provider can compete with us in terms of performance, price, and return on investment.


What is a Domain Name System (DNS)?


The Domain Name System is a critical component for an online business dealing with any products or services. People access information on the internet through domain names. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses act as the medium of interaction for web browsers. The function of the DNS is to translate domain names to IP addresses to enable browsers in loading internet resources.


Unlimited DDoS Mitigation and Single-Click DNSSEC


However, this critical component is often forgotten and overlooked, until there is a breakdown. KicksDomains’ cheap DNS service in Pennsylvania is an enterprise-oriented authoritative service providing the quickest response time, exceptional redundancy, and high-level security with built-in DNSSEC and DDoS mitigation. This inbuilt DDoS protection and single-click DNSSEC ensure applications are safeguarded from DNS attacks. Our incredibly vast infrastructure and network are capable to stop major attacks on the DNS system.


Avail of our cheap DNS service in Pennsylvania and get unlimited DDoS mitigation that provides complete protection against DNS-based DDoS attacks. This will relieve your organization from the stress and costs of DDoS attacks against your DNS. Not only DDoS protection but built-in one-click DNSSEC is also provided through our cheap DNS service in Pennsylvania to protect your users from attacks that can hijack your DNS records. DNSSEC provides an extra layer of security at each level in the DNS lookup process. What’s more, you can deploy DNSSEC at the click of a button.


Easy DNS Configuration with Excellent Technical Support


When you hire our cheap DNS service in Pennsylvania, we make DNS simple and easy. We manage all your domains through our user-friendly interface, no matter where your internet properties are hosted. Expect to get our full support and dedicated solutions, highly qualified engineers assisting on board, and helping in configuring DNS records with zero downtime.


Get detailed real-time analytics into your DNS traffic health that is easily accessible from our dashboard through our cheap DNS service in Pennsylvania. You can also generate in-depth raw reports for your DNS queries distinguished by record types, response codes, geography, domains, and more.


Why KicksDomains?


We, at KicksDomains, offer multiple services, such as web hosting, web designs, reseller hosting, website registration, and domain name registration, all in one place. We are committed to providing the best service at a competitive price. Our expert technicians providing right and affordable solutions with knowledgeable support and using state-of-the-art hardware and technology enable you to be successful online. Our cheap DNS service in Pennsylvania facilitates our clients in getting top-of-the-class DNS with our full support.


We offer high availability hosting services and priority support on dedicated hosting and managed cloud. Our cheap DNS service in Pennsylvania is run on a powerful infrastructure with a strong

network. We have powerful DNS servers that we utilize to distribute in multiple geographical locations. When you avail of our cheap DNS service in Pennsylvania your data is completely safe with us.


We guarantee to offer the most competitive DNS service in the industry. No matter when and what day it is, we provide continuous and uninterrupted network support and monitoring. Our technical support team is there to serve you 24/7 through phone and email.


If you are interested in our cheap DNS service in Pennsylvania, get in touch with us immediately. Contact us with your queries, and our friendly staff will help you out!

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